"Sometimes - on the way to a dream - you get lost - and find a better one"

"Sometimes - on the way to a dream - you get lost - and find a better one"

Friday, October 28, 2011


Look at that face!!!!
Goalie pose......
Head to toe sweetness!!

I love the fact he is playing hockey BUT would I love even more is the fact that he is wearing Daniel's hockey number.....we have so many great years and memories when Daniel was playing I can only hope we will with Michael also.


Keagan is so excited to be wearing this to school. He loves baseball!
Michael decided that he would not wear his own Met hat but one of Sissy's Met hats!
We were serenaded with "Take me out to the ball game" before they left for school.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011



On October 4, 2008 in Seoul Korea there was a woman who gave the most generous gift any one woman could give to another.....her child. To be able to know in your heart and soul that you were not able to give your child the very best that he deserved took more selflessness, love and bravery very few can imagine. On September 4th 2009 Henry and I received the most precious gift a couple could receive. So today as we celebrate Keagan's 3rd birthday we also celebrate his biological mother and his gift to us. I know what is one of our favorite days of the year is also one of her hardest days to get through.......she will forever be one of my hero's!!!! Getting everything ready!!
What a beautiful day!!!
My birthday boy waiting patiently for his guests!
Look at that cake!!!!
Aunt Tracy ALWAYS out does herself in making the cakes!!! I told her I think that 3/4 of the people come to my parties just for her cakes!
Some of Keagan's friends!
Everyone loves a bounce house!
There he is the birthday boy!!!!

International Night!!

So the boys school held an International Night where each class was given a Continent and each family was asked to bring in either a meal or dessert that represented their Continent. Michael's class was given South America and Keagan's was North America...... anyone who knows me knows I am not a fabulous cook so we had to be creative in order to accomplish this assignment. The boys had a great time that night hanging out with their friends and trying a whole bunch of different yummy foods!

Michael so proud of his BRAZIL flag cake!!!
Keagan very proud of his Canadian flag cake!!
AWESOME job boys mommy and daddy are so proud of you~

Daddy's birthday!!!

The boys decorating Daddy's cupcakes...

Finish product!! They did the cupcakes all by themselves....
Now they are ready to surprise daddy when he comes home....
House is decorated and his gifts are wrapped!!!
He was so happy to be surprised by his Spider man birthday day party....
Even Spider girl made a guest appearance!
Michael enjoying his homemade cupcakes!!!
Keagan enjoying the frosting!!!

The birthday boy after eating his cupcakes and opening all of his gifts became........SPIDER MAN!!!!!! The boys and I had so much fun creating this party for Henry he deserved it!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Michael had his 6 month dental checkup and for 2 days prior he obsessively brushed his teeth....now just so you know my kids teeth are so white that you need sun glasses to look at them....ok maybe that is an exaggeration BUT believe me when I tell you that they are gorgeous teeth. So he was very excited to go and when we got there he in true Michael form made all of the ladies in the office smile..... after the dentist check his "perfect" teeth he told Michael to continue his great brushing habits and eating habits to which Michael told him...." OH my mom does not let us have any sugar or juice and we only can eat ORGANICALLY HAHAHAHA!!!!...(sad but very true!) Here he is enjoying his day at the dentist.....


So maybe it is a strange tradition but maybe its not ...... we celebrate half birthday's in this house and yesterday happened to be Meghan's ....23 1/2 is a milestone just ask her....so the boys decided they would make her cards and a cake well it was half cake half cookie LOL......

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So yesterday was the first of many school field trips for Keagan......apple picking is a popular field trip most schools do it and all of the kids love it. When the sign ups went up for parent chaperones I decided that I would go....for a few reasons....1. they were taking a bus and Keagan had never rode on a school bus. 2. I was not sure how he was going to be with all of the people there and the structure of the tour of the apple orchard. 3. Honestly the main reason was because it was the last of the first field trips for my babies.... Michael's kindergarten class was going also but on a different bus and to quote Michael..."I won't see you there mom, because we are to old to hang out with the pre-k!" The weather was less than desirable matter a fact it was down right nasty....rainy and cold.... but after it was all said and done...my baby (who is not a baby anymore did great!) Check it out.....

Here we go......

Listening to the tour guide explain how apple cider is made!
He has his bag he is ready to start picking......
Reaching for the biggest one!!
How many apples can he fit in his bag??
Look at all those apples!
Always tastes better if you picked it yourself!
Enjoying one of the apples that he picked!
Look at him just hanging out with his friends...
Well, well look who joined his brother for lunch.....

There he goes off with his friend Jack! No need for mommy!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The best things......

I am sure there are so many more "best things in life".....but this is a great list!!! I read this list to the boys this morning and told them I thought it would be a great idea if we tried to do one thing on this list at least once a day......to which Michael answered......"great will you make the brownies and Daddy can get the hot chocolate?" Wise guy!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just one reason why he is the GREATEST dad!!!

He was literally in the house 10 minutes from work....enough time to change out of his scrubs and into this!!!!! And you wonder why they love him so much!!!


This quote is one of my favorites......I wonder how many of us can honestly say that they are exactly where they thought they would be in their lives.......whether we are at a better place than we thought or not is really not the question.......people always want to go back and change things that have happened in their lives not realizing that those are the things that we need so that we can end up where we need to be!!! Think about the things we would change and then ask yourself would we still have or be where we are today?......I would answer NO to that and I can also say that I would NOT change one thing about my life......sure would I have "tweaked" things a bit of course but to regret is to admit defeat and for all of you that really no me defeat if NOT an option!!! I hope that the kids always remember that mistakes are just speed bumps in their travels through life and learning from them gets you were you need to be!!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Daddy chasing Keagan......maybe he wants a ride???
Look at that face!!! Sweetest boy in the world!
Just relaxing before he takes off.......
Oh how I love that smile.....it melts my heart!
Look at him....three months ago he was scared to ride this! LOL
Serious game of lawn hockey in progress!!
You better put your stick down daddy.....Michael is about to score on you!