"Sometimes - on the way to a dream - you get lost - and find a better one"

"Sometimes - on the way to a dream - you get lost - and find a better one"

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So yesterday was the first of many school field trips for Keagan......apple picking is a popular field trip most schools do it and all of the kids love it. When the sign ups went up for parent chaperones I decided that I would go....for a few reasons....1. they were taking a bus and Keagan had never rode on a school bus. 2. I was not sure how he was going to be with all of the people there and the structure of the tour of the apple orchard. 3. Honestly the main reason was because it was the last of the first field trips for my babies.... Michael's kindergarten class was going also but on a different bus and to quote Michael..."I won't see you there mom, because we are to old to hang out with the pre-k!" The weather was less than desirable matter a fact it was down right nasty....rainy and cold.... but after it was all said and done...my baby (who is not a baby anymore did great!) Check it out.....

Here we go......

Listening to the tour guide explain how apple cider is made!
He has his bag he is ready to start picking......
Reaching for the biggest one!!
How many apples can he fit in his bag??
Look at all those apples!
Always tastes better if you picked it yourself!
Enjoying one of the apples that he picked!
Look at him just hanging out with his friends...
Well, well look who joined his brother for lunch.....

There he goes off with his friend Jack! No need for mommy!

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