"Sometimes - on the way to a dream - you get lost - and find a better one"

"Sometimes - on the way to a dream - you get lost - and find a better one"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This quote is one of my favorites......I wonder how many of us can honestly say that they are exactly where they thought they would be in their lives.......whether we are at a better place than we thought or not is really not the question.......people always want to go back and change things that have happened in their lives not realizing that those are the things that we need so that we can end up where we need to be!!! Think about the things we would change and then ask yourself would we still have or be where we are today?......I would answer NO to that and I can also say that I would NOT change one thing about my life......sure would I have "tweaked" things a bit of course but to regret is to admit defeat and for all of you that really no me defeat if NOT an option!!! I hope that the kids always remember that mistakes are just speed bumps in their travels through life and learning from them gets you were you need to be!!

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