"Sometimes - on the way to a dream - you get lost - and find a better one"

"Sometimes - on the way to a dream - you get lost - and find a better one"

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quote of the Day.....

Today's quote of the day is compliments of Michael......

We are in the grocery store and he is not having a fabulous time not to mention we have only been there 10 minutes. I try to get him as involved as possible allowing him to brain storm on what we could make with what we put in our cart......I also do a lot of explaining on why I do not allow him to eat or drink certain things....we try very hard here to be as sugar free as possible and to eat as organically as feasible...So here is the scenario.....I had just told him that I think things like potato chips and juice are for special parties and that too much of those things are not good for your body or your brain it slows them both down. Now along comes a women with a cart with chips,soda and candy in it (she had other food) and just as she is pushing by Michael says....." Look at that party lady mommy she has so much of "that" stuff in her cart I bet I can run faster and read better than her, "and why is she wearing sneakers her body is going to be slow to run!!!"

Once again thank you Michael for making me look like a nut case!!!

My Brick Wall!!!

OK so some of you may know that I utterly enjoy exercise in any and all form...I have been known to go to the gym two sometimes 3 times a day if I am preparing for a race BUT in the past month I have hit what I call a exercise brick wall and I am not sure why. It is a chore for me to go everyday and I have been racking my brain trying to figure out why and the only thing I can come up with is that my routine is a bit out of wack with the kids being home, vacation and all the confusion of whatever the summer brings. So thanks to my friends who are crazy as I am I will push through this brick wall and come out a head!! I would like to share with all of you some of my favorite motivational quotes!!! Wish me luck as I through myself completely once again back into my routine!!!

Somehow it happened. Hard to say when. But one look in the mirror and it was obvious. Life had caught up to you. So you did the only thing any self-respecting adult could do. You ran away. Only this time it worked. And the farther you ran, the better it worked. So you've never stopped running. And you've never seen that person in your mirror again.
Nothing lifts me out of a bad mood better than a hard workout on my treadmill. It never fails. To us, exercise is nothing short of a miracle.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Henry came home and found a small piece of purple fabric on the family room floor. He asked everyone "do you know what or where this came from?" Here are the following answers he received:
ME: " I have no idea."
KEAGAN: " ripped part of a ball"
MICHAEL: "the wing of a organic red bird"

Needless to say.....Keagan once again knew the answer!


As many of you know last Saturday we brought my oldest son to college. Looking back to last year at this time, I was very excited for what was ahead of him....we had a great time researching and visiting colleges through out the summer and fall of 2010. I think I was as nervous as Daniel each and every time he had to audition. You see not only did Daniel have to apply to these colleges but because of his major (musical theater) he had to audition. The end result out of the nine colleges he applied to eight accepted him and all with scholarships! You can imagine the pride and excitement I felt as a mom. But one year later my pride is still here 100% but now my excitement has turned into sadness....not for him but for me!(selfish I know)
So the day came on Saturday Aug.27,2011 that we packed him up and sent him down to the big scary New York City. Of course to add to my mental state or lack of we were driving down in the middle of the Northeast first potential hurricane in many many years. I had decided that I was not even going to try and be strong so from the minute my feet hit the ground that day the tears began to fall. The move in was extremely smooth and quite organized, we put all of his stuff away and I made his bed (of course the entire time trying to convince him it would be a great idea for me to stay awhile) As we said our goodbyes I just wanted him to know just how incredibly proud his father and I were of him and that there was no doubt in our minds that he would be a huge success and continue to make us proud. As we walked out his door I had a great idea I would inadvertently leave my purse behind so that I would have to go back to get it....what you should know is that when Daniel was a little boy anytime I would leave the house he would ask me to leave my purse so that he knew I would be back soon! In all of the commotion I forgot to leave it and next thing I knew me and my purse were on the elevator! As we drove the three hours home in the pouring rain and heavy winds I reflected on a lot and asked myself these questions.....Did I give him the skills to make it on his own? Did I forget to tell him and does he know just how much I love him? Would he know that no matter what I would always be there for him? So many people have told me in the past three days what a great, well rounded, grounded man Daniel has become. Thanks to everyone who has helped me work through these past couple of days and I now know that Daniel is as awesome as I think he is and that he will do great. I will not lie there is still a great deal of sadness knowing that he is not tucked in his bed at the end of the hall every night BUT I also have that excitement back that I had last year in what the future will hold for him!!

A New Begining!!!

I had started a blog a while back and kept it going for quite awhile until life took over and I never had any time (which really means we became a family of 6.) Now in those two short years our lives have changed so much that I feel I would be doing people a disservice by not letting them back into our lives (LOL) Well honestly it was this or a reality show. So I hope to be able to keep the blog up this time and we hope that our family can share some laughs, love and smiles to you all!