"Sometimes - on the way to a dream - you get lost - and find a better one"

"Sometimes - on the way to a dream - you get lost - and find a better one"

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quote of the Day.....

Today's quote of the day is compliments of Michael......

We are in the grocery store and he is not having a fabulous time not to mention we have only been there 10 minutes. I try to get him as involved as possible allowing him to brain storm on what we could make with what we put in our cart......I also do a lot of explaining on why I do not allow him to eat or drink certain things....we try very hard here to be as sugar free as possible and to eat as organically as feasible...So here is the scenario.....I had just told him that I think things like potato chips and juice are for special parties and that too much of those things are not good for your body or your brain it slows them both down. Now along comes a women with a cart with chips,soda and candy in it (she had other food) and just as she is pushing by Michael says....." Look at that party lady mommy she has so much of "that" stuff in her cart I bet I can run faster and read better than her, "and why is she wearing sneakers her body is going to be slow to run!!!"

Once again thank you Michael for making me look like a nut case!!!

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